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[RFC] New Project Name Needed

So I just recently discovered that PearBB is already an open-source forum system in-development, though with different design ideals. Since I seem to have no way of contacting the developers of that project (the "contact" links I could find are not functional) (not to join their development or ask them to to join mine), I have no way to inform them that their project name has already been taken. All I could find on their site says that they started in January of this year, whereas I had been planning my PearBB since April of 2004. Although this is the case, I had originally intended PearBB to use the PEAR libraries, before discovering that their licenses were not GPL-compatible, so I could not legally include them in my system. This is why the original name was "PEAR BB" but I changed it to "PearBB" soon after this discovery. Since I can't use PEAR, I think another name would be appropriate. There're already project names such as YaBB (Yet Another BB), phpBB, etc.

Any advice of a good project name would be appreciated. Currently I'm thinking of "WOOP BB" (W3C Object-Oriented Programming BB). Any other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Thanks.

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